Chairman’s Desk

The ‘SANKALPA’ of Modish Public School is to provide balanced environment with scientific edges, global ethics, values and holistic approach where the learning community is free to be grow towards the realization of his/her highest human potential through a harmonious integration of spirit, heart, mind and body. We commit to nurture a culture and habit of excellence and actively encourage high standards of character, behaviour and action. We promise fair opportinities, equal attention, selfless love and compassion to all those who come to Modish public School. We strive to nature the function of choice in learning and doing without in anyway compromising the rigour and discipline of learning. MPS community do respect what one is and can become. We will endeavour to instill respect for the work, the people and the environment. Above all, we will foster and strengthen a sense of respect for oneself.

Best Wishes.
Mr. Praveen Goyal