As per the CBSE circular, FIT India School week was celebrated during the fourth (4th) week in November 2019.

As per the CBSE circular, FIT India School week was celebrated during the fourth (4th) week in November 2019.

Many activities were held in school during the week in the morning assembly, yoga practice was done by all the students from 3rd to 12th class. During the program, Aerobic, Dance, Gardening, Rope Skipping, Tug Of War, Palli Patti (Pitthu) and special P.T. season were organized.

A game named ‘Palli Patti (Pitthu)’ was specially organized inviting & involving parents in the school ground. The game was on the theme of Telangana state.

Many students were called on the stage to deliver a speech on “Ek Bharat Shereshta Bharat” and other important issues.

The principal, Mr. Lokender Singh motivated the students for being Fit and Healthy. Some students emphasized on being fit and healthy and to avoid eating junk and fast food.